Stretch Marks be gone!!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Stretch marks, an unsightly issue in many women's (and some men's) life. Some embrace them, especially as a war mark of bearing children, or perhaps after a large weight loss.

I have heard many a female friend asking, how can I stop them? When they are in the first stages of pregnancy. You’ll google remedies, slather yourself in oils, lotions and potions hoping you’ll be one of the lucky ones…but STOP. Many of the top listed remedies that come up contain potentially harmful ingredients, hormone disruptors, preservatives, fragrance, chemicals you cannot pronounce and that’s the last thing you want for your growing baby. I recently came across Tropic Tamanu Skin Healing Balm – sold as ‘a skin saviour’ and hailed as ‘Green Gold’. Originating in Polynesia it’s been used for thousands of years to heal skin.

I’ve researched reviews and found it’s been used on cuts, scars, burns, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, radiation burns from radiotherapy and all to high acclaim. Countless stories of psoriasis being cleared up, stretch marks going from unsightly purple to light pink, new mums using it on nappy rash, on children’s cuts, stings and burns. It recently won best multi-tasking mum & baby balm in the 2018 Baby & Mama awards - The Beauty Shortlist

So, I took the plunge to try this miracle balm. Now I am fortunate to not have stretch marks! But I recently had a treatment with Plasma Pen (see my Instagram for videos of the scabs on my Glabella lines!) I began using this once the scabbing had cleared and I am very impressed. My skin has healed very quickly, the redness went within a few days. I started using it if I got a scratch, on my areas of psoriasis and even to heal my chapped lips. It has helped everything.

The balm at first look is a thick, waxy looking product in a beautiful white pot. It’s a jade green colour and has an unusual smell. I think it will be a love it or hate it for many. But I have to say I have grown to really like the smell. You can feel you are putting something completely natural on, and the Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm is completely toxin free, cruelty free and vegan certified. The company make the products freshly in batches at their Surrey beauty kitchen. The balm melts quickly in your hand and sinks into skin super fast. I often apply it at night and will wake to feel very hydrated and bright. If I have a blemish appear it will reduce it, if my lips are dry it plumps and hydrates them. I am in love with this balm. At first I felt it was pricey at £32 a pot. But I would happily pay more after trying it! Saying that, for the frugal minded, I can tell you a little goes a long way with this stuff. I use it at least 3-4 times a week and I’m only quarter way through after two months. So in that respect it’s fantastic value for a natural product that you can feel assured does not contain any nasties.

Tropic Skincare has impressed me so much that I now incorporate the range into my Natural Glow Facial treatment. The company is constantly bringing out new products, most recently the improved Skin Dream & Eye Dream which contains organic retinol! I have already seen fantastic results on clients from this product. I have also myself switched to the Feel Fresh deodorant, the Nourishing Hair Cleanser and my whole make up bag has been updated to Tropic. It’s really made me aware of what I’m using on my body, and the potential harm I was causing myself. Hopefully I can inspire others to start looking at their product ingredients and exploring other options.

I recently became an Ambassador for Tropic and you can shop the range from me at

If you’re interested in finding out more or perhaps being involved with the brand send me an email for an informal chat to

With kindness

Jo xx

Tropic is the brain child of Susie Ma, an apprentice runner up. She started trading in Greenwich market at 15 years old with just one product. Tropic Body Polish, a recipe from her grandmother. She was soon selling out weekly. Fast forward to 2014 after her apprentice appearance, and Lord Alan Sugar invested in her company. Tropic is now the fastest growing natural skincare company in the UK, and listed in Top 100 companies to work for in the UK.

All reviews and opinions are my own. I am now a brand ambassador for Tropic skincare after trying out the products. I do not receive payment for this article. I receive a small commission for any purchases made via my shop link

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