Sisters Of The Valley CBD balm

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

So I've been testing out the Sisters of the Valley CBD balm within my massages. I have been working on someone with chronic back pain, caused by degenerative discs in Lumbar spine and loss of lubricant to lower Cervical spine causing friction to nerves. We have done two 45 min back massages, and one seated 20 minute back massage over the last fortnight. The client used to get approximately 8-10 severe attacks of pain per week, and constant pain in lumbar. We have reduced attacks to just 3 in last week and 1 this week. The Lumbar pain has been described as 7-8 on pain scale previously, now reduced to 2-3. . . The pain is caused by wear and tear due to client age. It cannot be repaired medically, he has had ongoing physio and monthly acupuncture prior to CBD massage and still presently continues that. . . The CBD balm has made his condition very manageable and brought the pain down tremendously this last fortnight. It's a marked improvement to quality of life for him. The CBD balm can help many conditions, including pain, chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue to name a few. I will look to offer taster treatments for new clients to see if it's right for you. . . I will have CBD massage treatments launched very very soon, both mobile and in treatment room will be available. DM if any questions about CBD massage and if you'd like to know if it could help you or to register interest for future treatments