Help Goddess Retreat and Key Workers through the Covid-19 Crisis

To my friends, family, loyal clients and the wonderful UK public  Following the Government guidance on 23rd March surrounding COVID-19, my treatment room is obviously closed until further notice. This sudden pause in income has left me - and thousands of other small businesses worldwide - under severe financial (and personal) strain.  The government has given a lifeline to a great majority of the UK workforce which is wonderful. Unfortunately I'm one of the individuals that fall through the cracks.  Because I haven't been trading long enough I'm not entitled to the self employment package on offer of 80% profit per month. I can claim Universal Credit (which I have done) but will need to wait until 28th April for a decision and any payment. I'm expecting it to be around £400 a month.  Like many of you have outgoings of around £2k + per month to just pay bills, mortgage, tax, car, insurances, business loans, business license, food, gas, electricity etc... I have requested payment holidays and reduced my outgoings where possible but I'm still going to be liable for around £1500 a month at present. I'm hoping to reduce this to around £1200 after calling all my banks and suppliers again Monday 30th.  Unfortunately my bills won’t disappear just because my revenue has. Even with payment holidays I will still have to make it up in a few months with increased payments. I have applied for all the jobs I can, supermarkets, takeaway delivery driving, home based customer service... But at the moment I've had no successful responses back from any of them.  I know I'm still in a better position than many, I have a home, food, a car.... But I am at risk of losing everything if the crisis continues for more than a few months. I have worked my whole adult life, mainly as an employee. I've never had to claim any help from the system, I've always worked and even now I find it hard to ask but Im terrified how I'm going to recover from this. The prospect of losing what I've worked hard for all my life is awful. I'm panicking  That is why I'm asking for contributions, if you are in a position to offer financial support of any amount.

It does not have to be just money for nothing to help me, You can contact me to purchase gift vouchers for future treatments once I can reopen, or if you know of any work I can safely do in return for payment or donations please send me information?

Perhaps purchase a treatment voucher to donate to local NHS staff or keyworkers? I'm sure they will need some TLC once this is over? (St Helier, Epsom, Kingston, Royal Marsden and St George's Hospital are all quite close to me and I'm sure they would appreciate it!)  Even just words of support and sharing this fundraiser if you cannot give anything more. That still means the world to me and all helps.  I love my job and cannot wait to be able to start again. The confidence boost I can give someone by changing their brows or results of a facial, hearing how well someone slept after a massage, chatting with my clients, I'm missing it all so much! Making people feel great is my passion and the feedback and reviews I get warms my heart and drives me to do more and more.  Though the global pandemic has closed the doors on my small business, your support can help me reopen in the future by keeping me afloat through this pandemic. Whatever you can donate (if you can donate) will go a long way in helping me to survive the lock down and quickly rebuild on the other side. Please stand by me as a local self employed business owner to get through this. Go Fund me


Please contact me if you would like to purchase a voucher so I can allocate to person of your choice, or to a particular hospital in my area. I can send vouchers electronically Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Jo-Ann Goddess Retreat Beauty Room  Sutton Greater London