A £50 Pillow that can stop wrinkles and prevent spots!?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Ok, well it won't completely stop your wrinkles but now I have your attention I hope you forgive me and read on.

A silk pillowcase can definitely help delay the aging process, and a whole lot more. You spend a lot of time in your bed, actually approximately 1/3 of your life if you get the recommended 8 hours a day. So if you lived to 90, that's 30 years on your pillow case. The advice given is to change your pillowcase every second day and bed sheets weekly. I know personally I don't always (hardly ever) manage that, I struggle with changing it all weekly especially when we don't have this fine sunshine in the UK to get my sheets dry!

So lets think about how much dirt, sweat, dead skin and bacteria is transferred onto your pillowcase...As humans we sweat, shed and carry dirt from the day on us...not to mention if you have pets that like to snuggle up across your bed....yuck! (I now have my bedding on a 60 degree wash)

We complete a lovely bedtime skincare routine, put on our best serum and moisturiser, then spend the night with our skin and hair squashed into a pillow full of bacteria and micro bugs. However, fear not!! You can help your skin and hair with a pure silk pillow case, I've listed the benefits below, I'm off to buy a couple now! x

1: Acne prevention - As mentioned above regarding the build up of bacteria on your pillow case you should change your pillow case every other day. Cotton absorbs moisture from your skin and hair so cleansing your face completely before bed is a must. However cotton will cause more dryness which we all want to avoid.

Silk is naturally cooling, hypoallergenic (resistant to dust mites, mold & fungus) and causes less friction between skin and pillow so less irritation = less breakouts. It also does not draw moisture from the skin like cotton so keeps hydration levels up whilst you sleep.

2: Anti aging - Whilst a pillow is not going to stop wrinkles, it's something to add into your self care as an extra prevention. Silk is a lot kinder on your skin, keeps you cooler and helps skin stay hydrated which will in turn help you keep looking healthy and make those night time moisturisers work harder! Your skin will feel smoother after using for a couple of weeks, and using a high quality fabric means no nasty toxins or chemicals affecting your skin. When shopping for silk pillow case make sure the momme weight is between 19-22 and it is Charmeuse 100% Mulberry silk.

3: Reduce bed head!- Yes the dreaded bed head hair, again as silk reduces friction thanks to its smooth texture this helps reduce damage to the hair such as split ends, also as mentioned, it does not draw moisture so keeps your locks luscious and shiny. As an added bonus if you suffer with thinning hair, or hair loss a silk pillow can assist as reduces damage and friction dramatically.

So all in all for an investment of under £100 you can have a pair of silk pillows, the ones I mention below are all 19 momme weight so can be machine washed and are long lasting. That works out great value considering how much time we spend asleep, I have anti aging moisturiser that cost as much!

Have a look at links below to suit all budgets and treat yourself or a loved one?

On a budget or just to try out?

100% 19 Momme Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase in Ivory only, size 50 cm x 75 cm £24.99 each

Splash out and treat yourself?

White Lotus Silk oxford style pillow available in Pearl Grey, Navy Blue and White. It is 100% Mulberry Silk and 19 momme. A pair for under £100? An worthwhile investment! £59.99 - £65.99 each

Ultimate Luxury or a gift for that special someone?

LILYSILK Silk Beauty Giftset for Women. 100% Mulberry Oxford Silk Pillowcase 50x75cm, 1 x Silk Sleeping Cap for hair, 1 x Silk Eye Mask and 12 x Coccons for skin. This set comes in 7 different colours and is the ultimate luxury sleep set for Skin and Hair £136.00 each

In interest of full disclosure the above are affiliate links, so if you buy I receive a very small percentage of the sale. You still pay the same price regardless. If you are interested in any of the above products, please use the links above to buy, it makes a big difference to small business. I have not been paid to promote the above items, I have chosen these from my own research and are items I would purchase myself. I'm going to go for the Pearl Grey White Lotus ones if anyone's interested :-)


Happy shopping all, and thanks for reading xx